Saskatoon Gophers Rugby – A Club For Friends and Family.

Founded in 1968, the Gophers Rugby Club has a long tradition in Saskatoon of combining serious rugby with a strong social atmosphere. We pride ourselves on being a family, albeit one that also likes to play rugby.

Rugby is a game of teamwork, determination, and respect. As a club, we seek to embody these values off the field as well by creating a strong and supportive network of individuals that extends far beyond the chalked lines of the pitch.

The Benefits of Rugby

Learning Something New

Rugby is relatively new to North America’s sporting landscape, at least at the professional level. However, it is a sport with a rich tradition and history and clubs have been active across the country for many years. If your first reaction to hearing about rugby was “what the *bleep* is that?” this is a great opportunity to try out a new sport or learn some new moves. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with it.

A Game For All Sizes

One drawback of many sports is that they trend towards an “ideal” body type, which eventually leads many people to give up on the sport. In rugby, however, there is a position and role for every body type. Each position and role performs an important function for the team and each requires its own set of physical skills. Whether you are short or tall, stocky or skinny, fit or flabby there is a place for you in rugby.

Tap Into Your Competitive Side

Even at a recreational level, rugby is a sport that requires its players to tap into their competitive side. In all phases of play – tackling, running with the ball, supporting your teammates – rugby demands a high level of intensity. Whether you are looking for an outlet for your competitive juices (there is only so far that competitive towel-folding can take you) or are looking to push yourself to new heights, rugby is the sport for you.

Building Your Fitness

If you break rugby down far enough you’ll realize that it involves a lot of running around and hitting or pushing things. Some sports focus only on the running (e.g. soccer, distance running) and others only on the hitting/pushing (e.g. football, wrestling). Rugby combines the need for both strength and cardiovascular fitness in all positions. Playing rugby is a great way to maintain or develop total body fitness and is far more enjoyable than hours on a treadmill or in the weight room.

Flexing Your “Team” Muscle

Rugby is a great way to improve your “team” skills such as communication, reactivity, and working towards a common goal. In a game of rugby there are no truly individual actions. The success of each play is dependent upon the actions of one’s teammates and whether or not they fulfill their roles. No matter how small the assigned task may seem, such as a support player in a ruck or covering across on defence, it contributes to team success. These teamwork skills aren’t just left on the field: you will be able to use them in all walks of life.

Growing Your Social Network

Rugby is a sport with a tradition of being a “social” sport, which extends to friends, family, alumni, and even the opposing team! Rugby places an emphasis on building the social bonds between players, which in turn contributes to better teamwork on the field. As such, rugby is a great way to meet and grow relationships with new people through sport. Additionally, people in the rugby community come from all types of industries, professions, and personal interests. This means that you’ll likely find someone with similar interests and someone you can learn something new from all at the same table.

Joining the Worldwide Rugby Community

Rugby is a global society that shares a common set of values, such as respect, teamwork, and social engagement. These values translate across geographies, ages, and skill levels: the same values will be found in a third division recreational team in the United States as in the professional ranks in New Zealand. If your job or personal circumstances take you to a different part of the country or the world, if you are a member of the rugby community you will have a social and support network wherever you end up – even if you previously played for a rival team.

Gopher’s Hall of Fame

Our very first inductee into the Gophers Hall Of Fame is Mr. Gordon Westley.

Gordon is originally from the birthplace of rugby itself, the country of England. He joined the GophersRFC in late summer of 1976. Gordon was living in Lanigan at the time when when he met a man named Wally Liptino who played for the Oats. He then began driving into Saskatoon for rugby and joined the Gophers. Gordon played rugby with the Gophers until 1990 when his last game was the annual Milk and Brandy wind-up. His fondest memories from his time playing were: travelling to tournaments, Club dances and fundraisers, playing rugby for the city and the province while representing the Gophers, playing at Edmonton Rugby Fest, team fishing trips and when the Gophers toured to Texas. Gordon also coached the team for a number of years and coached an under 21 provincial team. While coaching Gordon loved seeing new players come to the game and watch them become provincial rugby players.

Gordon Westley was a tremendous rugby player and coach in Saskatchewan and was the first person to enter the Sask Rugby Hall Of Fame as a builder on April 27 1991.

Gordon took things he learned in life from the Gophers to his career where he continues to work for a swine genetics company. He also learned to always have cash post game to buy Merv and Doug beers post game.

Congratulations on becoming a member of the Gophers Hall Of Fame!

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Currently Playing Sports

Games & Practices

See the calendar below for our practice, games and events.

The Gophers 2023 Div 1 games.

  • May 12, 9pm – Badgers
  • May 25, 7pm – Krems
  • June 9, 9pm – Oats
  • June 17, 2pm – Grads
  • June 24, 5pm – Rogues (Regina)
  • July 5, 9pm – Oats
  • July 8, 1:30pm – Condors (Regina)
  • July 14, 8pm – Krems
  • July 21, 8pm – Badgers
  • July 29, 5pm – Highlanders
  • Playoffs start in August

Social Events

The Gophers host social events throughout the year in order to keep the bonds on our community strong. Here are some of our major events:

Annual Flag Rugby Tournament – Every January the Gophers host a 5v5 Flag Rugby Tournament to help burn off the holiday calories.

Milk and Brandy – Our annual wind-up game and banquet takes place following the season in September or October.

Beer Night at Great Western Brewing Company – A casual get-together at Great Western to celebrate friends and family.

Christmas Get Together – The team and their families get together to celebrate the season.

Game & Event Calendar

Please check the calendar below for upcoming games, practices, and events.

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